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Jolla, the company behind Sailfish and the, uh, Jolla, today unveiled a teaser of an upcoming device - at least, that's what it looks like. The tagline is 'Something BIG is about to begin', indicating we're either looking at a tablet or a much larger phone. The countdown counts down to 19 November, so we don't have to wait long to find out what it's all about.

Meanwhile, my own Jolla collects dust in a drawer as it's simply not a very useful device without any proper 3rd party development activity going on. A few days ago, development on one of the few, proper Sailfish applications was halted, which really isn't helping.

I'm always interested in new hardware, but sadly, it will solve none of the deeper, harder problems that Sailfish faces.

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It seems that the only realistic stepping stone to native Jolla apps
is 'native QT apps', that leverage that framework to work on all platforms QT works on,
obviously Jolla itself, but including iOS, Android, Windows, etc, with proper compilation.
That itself is solving a problem of app development on just the major Os',
and the fact that Jolla would be just as much a '1st class' citizen is gravy,
that can be leveraged to THEN really promote Jolla-specific feature leveraging in apps.

Clearly at some point non-free apps need to work and work WELL,
but I honestly don't see that as the majority of the problem right now,
albeit it is an EASIER problem to fix.

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