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Debian and its clones

The Debian fork website, put together by the Veteran Unix Admins (VUA) group, has annouced the VUA has decided to fork the popular Debian GNU/Linux distribution. The VUA is critical of Debian's decision to adopt systemd as the distribution's default init software and to allow software packaged for Debian to depend directly on systemd. The VUA plans to create a fork of Debian using SysV Init as the default init software and is asking for donations to support the endevor.

The default init system in the next Debian v8 "Jessie" release will be systemd, bringing along a deep web of dependencies. We need to individuate those dependencies, clean them from all packages affected and provide an alternative repository where to get them. The stability of our fork is the main priority in this phase.

There has been a lot of debate over systemd in the Debian community in the past few months and it will be interesting to see if this non-systemd fork of Debian gains support.

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We've seen this game before
by Auzy on Fri 28th Nov 2014 07:13 UTC
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Honestly, those of us who were old enough to use Linux since Xfree86 and devFS, KDE3 and eventually Xorg have already played this game before.

It happens every time a new technology comes out. Its always a case of a few people who have no real contributions to open source projects making a lot of noise, hissing and whining and trying to fork.

In practice all the real developers adopt the new technologies because they recognise the benefits (and whilst there might be minor issues, realise the problems are easily fixable).

The reality is, every time I've tried to find infomation about the main "developers" behind the anti-SystemD movement, I've never actually found any patches. The last guy who started a whole Anti-SystemD website had exactly 1 bug-report in his name..

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