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Internet & Networking If a certain US senator and a certain EU commissioner are to be believed, the internet is five days away from total collapse as governments are finally forced into a corner and told to agree on a framework for future Internet governance. Both are wrong, but there is a very real risk that an enormous political argument resulting in lifelong ill-will centred around the internet could developed unchecked at the WSIS Summit. The fact that it hasn’t already is effectively down to one man: Mr Khan. He was chosen as chair of Sub-Committee A during the WSIS process, and his remit includes all the most difficult and contentious elements - not just internet governance but also how the world will deal with issues such as spam and cybercrime.
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This is tiring....
by OMRebel on Mon 14th Nov 2005 20:40 UTC
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The UN and EU really do need to grow up. Now, for those of you who live in the EU, this isn't an attack on you, but for those that are whinning about this. The fact is other nations have started to depend on an American product very heavily for their economy. Now, those nations that have relied so heavily on it want to have control of something that simply isn't theirs. They want the ability to TAX the Internet on simple things that are currently free, such as email. This whole thing isn't about moving the US out of countrol of the Internet, as so many want to believe. This is about money, plain and simple.

There is nothing wrong with the Internet. It is free to the world. The US isn't charging other nations or restricting nations from access to it. The US isn't bullying other nations around. This is corrupted politicians seeing dollar signs (well, Euro signs) in their eyes, and wanting to profit off of something that doesn't belong to them.

This entire issue is completely assanine, and despite of everyone thinking the issue is about anti-US sentiment, it's not. It's about the UN and EU making money. And, those who are supporting such a move and unknowingly supporting the concept of having their government impose taxes on them.

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