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OnePlus has addressed its Indian users regarding the recent announcement that Cyanogen has made a deal with Indian handset manufacturer Micromax. The deal gives exclusive rights to Cyanogen's software to Micromax in India, leaving out the OnePlus One, which is powered by Cyanogen. Naturally, OnePlus expressed disappointment in the deal.

Additionally, OnePlus says they are bewildered at this move by Cyanogen. The two companies have previously cooperated on the launch of the OnePlus One in 17 countries, including India. The company does say that the One will continue to receive software updates globally, but apologizes to Indian customers who feel deceived.

What a mess.

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Comment by UglyKidBill
by UglyKidBill on Sat 29th Nov 2014 15:27 UTC
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>>> No worries, it's the power of open source, Indian's people with a computer can debug, recompile and update their smartphone. And for free.

>>> What is stopping OnePlus from supplying a forked version of CM just for the indian market?

Even so, you have to ackowledge that if you were a company/community/whatever that worked this closely whith CM in the recent past you would most likely recieve this like a backstab.
Something like this surely disrupts (not destroys) most proyections they could have made so far.

IMHO, a bad move from CM, shady and greedy.

Unless, of course, OnePlus was aware of it and is now just playing victim...

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