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One area Huawei is unlikely to return to, unless the market changes: Windows Phone.

Huawei produced two models running Microsoft's smartphone OS before it said it was putting its plans for future Windows Phones on hold.

"We didn't make any money in Windows Phone," Kelly said. "Nobody made any money in Windows Phone."

Of course nobody is making any money with Windows Phone. Why do you think Microsoft had to rescue the failing smartphone business from Nokia?

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RE[2]: My shocked face
by jnemesh on Tue 2nd Dec 2014 16:13 UTC in reply to "RE: My shocked face"
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News flash! They are ALREADY irrelevant in the consumer space. I, and millions of others, are HAPPILY living in a post-Microsoft home at least. Microsoft continues to rake in cash, NOT because of Windows Phone, Windows 8, Surface, Xbox, or Bing...or even Azure...but because they have a lock on the BUSINESS market with MS Office and Windows. Even that is under threat right now with viable alternatives getting better by the DAY! In a few years, there won't be this compulsion to automatically choose MS products and services in the business world...and when that happens, they are DONE. Just watch. It happened to IBM, it will happen to MS.

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