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One area Huawei is unlikely to return to, unless the market changes: Windows Phone.

Huawei produced two models running Microsoft's smartphone OS before it said it was putting its plans for future Windows Phones on hold.

"We didn't make any money in Windows Phone," Kelly said. "Nobody made any money in Windows Phone."

Of course nobody is making any money with Windows Phone. Why do you think Microsoft had to rescue the failing smartphone business from Nokia?

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RE[7]: My shocked face
by rbenchley on Wed 3rd Dec 2014 14:30 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: My shocked face"
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Microsoft's "timing" sucked. That's kind of a nice way of saying that they did a terrible job all around.

The timing part is what matters. The core software and hardware available on the Windows phone platform is excellent and on par with offerings from Apple or Google. Their problem is that they screwed around for too long and let iOS and Android become the twin giants of the mobile space. By the time Windows Phone 7 was released, iOS 4 was already out in the marketplace and Gingerbread came out within two months. Windows phones are good, but not good enough to pry away people that have already acclimated themselves to iOS and Android and have bought into the iTunes and Play Store ecosystems.

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