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GNU, GPL, Open Source ZDNet has published the second part (part I) of its special report on the use of open source in governments around the world. This time it's looking at what's driving open source takeup in developing markets, with a particularly close look at projects and the driving forces behind them in China, India and Brazil.
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USA in Iraq
by jack_perry on Mon 14th Nov 2005 21:38 UTC
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USA has no right to remain with troops in Iraq.

The UN's Security Council would seem to disagree with you. Several resolutions refer explicitly to the United States as if its troops should be in Iraq; for example, paragraphs 13-15 of Resolution 1546 asks member states to contribute to the multinational force in Iraq. See

Incidentally, as an American, I speak and/or read with varying degrees of fluency English, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Russian, and occasionally even Esperanto. I hold a passport which has been stamped by several countries, and I do not relish the thought that there are billions of poor people in the world who can't afford Microsoft Windows.

Of course, I find that a little less troubling than the fact that they can't afford a decent meal, either, which is why, like most Americans, I give a relatively large proportion of my income to charities that, well, feed the poor. Ah, but my capital crime must be that these charities usually do so with American-grown corn and grain.

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