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Mac OS X Apple offered free licenses of Mac OS X for MIT's proposed $100,- (E85,-) laptop initiative, however, the proposal offered by Apple's CEO Steve Jobs was declined because the program was looking for open-source software, according to a new report.
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Although the article said "Red Hat Linux", as we know this is now a commercial product costing more than $100. I think they meant CentOS or, more likely, Fedora Core...

As people have noted, Mac OS X may not run too well on the laptop's proposed specs (even Linux will struggle on 128MB RAM, but it can probably be stripped down more easily than Mac OS X), plus did Steve Jobs offer a lifetime supply of free Mac OS X upgrades for all the machines? Or are they expected to pay $129 every year after they get the laptops?

I personally think Mac OS X (and by similar reasoning XP) aren't suitable for such a low-cost, low-powered PC. Linux and/or BSD are probably the only OS'es with the flexibility to be built for minimal spec PCs from the ground up.

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