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Ford today took the wraps off its next generation in-car technology package. Called Sync 3, it's expectedly faster, sleeker and much improved from the old one. It's also more intuitive, easier on the eyes and better integrates smartphone apps. But the biggest change is under the hood: Sync 3 is powered by QNX instead of Microsoft Auto.

The car has become yet another platform battleground.

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Good riddance
by sultanqasim on Thu 11th Dec 2014 20:12 UTC
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I'm very glad they're ditching Microsoft Auto and switching to a more stable platform. I have Ford Sync in my car and it is quite terrible. Slight lag I can live with, but the frequent crashes and bugs irritate me a lot. Sometimes, the system loses pairings by itself, forcing me to re-pair my phone. Some days, it refuses to go into Bluetooth Audio mode, and randomly starts working again a few days later. Sometimes, the voice commands act up and keep asking me the same question again and again in an endless loop, cutting me off as soon as I try to reply. Sometimes, the whole system locks up and I need to do a hard reset of Sync (and reconfigure everything) to make it work again. It seems that Microsoft Auto is less reliable than Windows 95.

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