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From an Imgur Post of the same title:

I was moved out to an extremely remote country area in the middle of NSW Australia to live with people I didn't want to live with and isolated with no internet for 7 years during my childhood/teenhood. Using the 1980s reference books from my high school library, I decided to build my own OS so that I had a more manageable way of dealing with files than the standard DOS structure.

A short but interesting read about the author's experience with pictures of the finsished product.

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2k/XP/etc only balked because of mass storage drivers. All you have to do is set the driver to a generic for data or IDE and it will boot and install the right one. I do this all the time.

Getting into UEFI on a new machine is a hassle mostly because of, in the case of 8.x, the Hybrid Boot/Fast Shutdown. It does this by default. You can perm disable it or hold down shift when telling the machine to shut off to disable it for that shutdown. After you do that, you can jump into the UEFI firmware with ease.

Not knowing how something functions doesn't make it bad ;)

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