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BeOS & Derivatives

Since the last time, the expression parser has grown several new capabilities. We are now able to infer the types of operands, and as such one no longer needs to set the type that one wishes the value to be returned as. A further consequence is that expressions can now return arbitrarily typed values as results, not just simple numeric values. This means that, for instance, an expression can return a data member of a class, and if that member is itself an object or other more complex type, it can then be expanded to look at its internal values.

I am by far not knowledgeable enough to comment on any of this - but I do know it's a number of improvements to Haiku's debugger.

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The problem with the ui is the following, is that there are users (and even developers!) who are considering it "perfect". If you are coming with ideas to change the ui, it can happen to you, that these people start to panic and request you not to change anything since the ui is already perfect and so any change can be just bad.
There are many good technologies behind haiku, sadly the ui is the week point of haiku.

In addition to what Ithamar said, a few other points:
1) Whether a UI is good or bad is subject to opinion in many ways.
2) Not agreeing with your personal opinion of how the UI should be is not the same as saying it's perfect.
3) Many of the UI suggestions that come our way, yours included, can frequently be summarized as either a) a laundry list of changes that could best be described as "change the UI to be exactly like one of {KDE,Gnome,OSX,Android}", b) add lots of useless flashy effects for the sake of it to be more trendy, which doesn't actually make the UI better/more usable, or c) change the UI completely to be more tablet/touch friendly, which totally goes against Haiku's goal of being a good desktop OS.

When people make more reasonable UI suggestions, they do in fact tend to get implemented; likewise, I guarantee if you go to e.g. KDE's bugtracker/mailing lists and essentially tell them to change their UI to be exactly like GNOME's, you'd see a similarly lukewarm response as what you're complaining about here.

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