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Hewlett-Packard will take a big step toward shaking up its own troubled business and the entire computing industry next year when it releases an operating system for an exotic new computer.

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Cool but...
by hibridmatthias on Mon 22nd Dec 2014 16:55 UTC
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I think it is great to see HP innovating. But the "new operating system" thing I don't see happening.

The article/communique talks of using Linux++ and then introducing a whole new OS. While I can see using Linux++ for initial implementation (i. e. faster time to implementation, the resources required to roll out) implementing a new OS if people have already invested in something that actually works seems to be thermodynamically prohibitive from an intuitive standpoint. History seems to reflect that there is a huge activation energy to creating and implementing a new OS, especially if there is already one entrenched. Thoughts?

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