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Fast-growing Chinese tech firm Xiaomi Technology Ltd Co booked 74.3 billion yuan ($11.97 billion) in pre-tax sales last year, up 135 percent from 2013, the firm's chief executive Lei Jun said on his official microblog account on Sunday.


Xiaomi sold a total of just over 61 million phones in 2014, up 227 percent from a year earlier, Lei added in a post on his Sina Weibo microblog account.

The post did not give a related profit figure, although a filing last month showed that the firm was grappling with razor thin margins as it rapidly expands. A part of the business made around 347.5 million yuan net profit last year on revenue of 26.6 billion yuan and an operating margin of just 1.8 percent.

Shamelessness sells.

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RE[2]: Lol.
by Windows Sucks on Mon 5th Jan 2015 03:20 UTC in reply to "RE: Lol. "
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Seeing as Apple has only paid dividends since 2012, most investers didn't get their money back for a long time either.

Apple's stock has still gone up so you could sell it and profit. Holding the stock and getting dividends is nice but people who has stock before 2012 still made money if the stock went up.

[q]If a company has massive profits and an overabundance of cash reserves, it means someone's being duped out of their money and/or the company is not doing enough with its investment efforts.

Interesting cause Apple bought back 58 billion in stock in 2014 and still has 150 billion in the bank. So thats a misnomer.

And Apple will watch their factories being investigated by the Chinese government. The only people more shameless than Xiaomi are the people who rule China.

The Chinese Government has not been the one investigating Apples Factories, for one Apple has no Factories, They hire companies and those companies own the Factories and those same Factories are used by most other companies that make the same type of devices. On top of that EVERYONE else is "Investigating" Apple (Like the story last week that came out of the UK.) And its only because Apple is number one thats its even a story because most companies again use the same factories to make their devices.

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