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General Development The rules of C++ are designed to guarantee that type errors are impossible. Casting, however, subverts the type system and can lead to pesky errors in compiled code. This chapter explains why it's a good idea to forgo casting as much as possible in C++.
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RE: Interesting read
by MattV on Tue 19th Jul 2005 01:56 UTC in reply to "Interesting read"
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Nice article, learned a few more things about the inner workings of C++.
C++ always seems to succeed in confusing me what's the compiler is really doing.

That's the essential difference between C and C++. A good C programmer can't be a good C++ programmer until they understand what it is that the compiler is doing for them (and why, and how...)

Meyers' books are essential reading for anyone who wants to be a good C++ programmer.

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