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Early December 2014, I bought the Moto 360 with Android Wear. As someone who loves both watches and technology, it seems like a great time to jump into the world of smartwatches, and see if it has evolved beyond the bulky '80s stuff that has come before. I'll first give you a concise history of smartwatches, after which I will dive into Wear and the 360 themselves.

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Wrong smartwatch?
by signals on Thu 8th Jan 2015 22:11 UTC
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I think you may have gotten the wrong smartwatch. I bought a G Watch R when I got my Nexus 6 so that I wouldn't have to pull the whale out of my pocket all the time, and I am completely happy with it. I think the worst part of it is the stupid name.

The build quality, performance, and battery issues you complain of are non-existent on this watch. There is no stuttering or lag, and it doesn't pull the hairs out of my arm. ;-)

I leave the ambient display on all the time and usually have about 60% battery left at the end of the day. I guess I'm OK with charging my watch daily. My other watches all have a spring and need to be wound daily or need to be worn daily (automatics) in order to keep running, and having to take the GWaR off at night and put it on the charger is not an annoyance to me at all.

I think the watch looks 100x better in person than in photos, too. Have you actually handled one before you decided to call it a toy? (This may actually be personal preference. I think the 360 looks garish. I think it's the lack of lugs where the band attaches.)

But, I guess I didn't expect a lot from a smartwatch. I want a watch that tells the time and is always correct, but still has an analog face. It changes the time when I change time zones, and also knows about daylight savings time. $300 for the GWaR was a lot cheaper than a Seiko Astron which is the only non-smartwatch way I know to get that functionality. I also want a way to see what my phone is beeping about without having to dig it out of my pocket. That's about it, and that's what Android Wear gives me.

I guess I had low expectations... But, Android Wear has exceeded them.

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