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Microsoft, it seems, is not the only company that believes in the concept of a productivity tablet. And it's not the only company that thinks that a kickstand and a magnetic keyboard are all it takes to transform a tablet into a mobile workstation.

The Jide Remix, made by a trio of former Google engineers, is for all intents and purposes a Microsoft Surface that's built for Android.

It's about as cloney as you can get, but the fact that is still looks very nice is testament to just how pretty Surface really is, and how much sense the concept makes. Surface's hardware is excellent - it's just the software side that always let it down.

I don't think Android is going to fix that.

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I agree that the Surface is not an ideal tablet.. but it is a great ultrabook (in terms of hardware).. but I agree that Windows 8 is a master of none because it has tried to be too many things

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