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Many of us have been grumbling quite publicly since iOS 7 and Mavericks shipped that the fit and finish we expect either on release or shortly afterwards for Mac OS X and iOS has slipped. That we spent a lot of time dealing with bugs or, if we write about Apple, teaching people how to avoid them or work around them. That software and OS problems, once they occur, are rarely fixed in part or full; features we need are removed rather than matured; and new features are added that aren't fully baked.


Part of what makes these sorts of statements reasonable, though, is to enumerate the problems, whether they're long-running or unique to Yosemite or iOS 8 (or to the last two releases of each system). Here's a list of regularly recurring issues or fundamental problems I've seen supplemented by those provided by others.

Comprehensive list of persistent issues you hear a lot of people - users and die-hard Apple developers alike - rant about all the time (via Daring Fireball).

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The list sounds quite accurate to me. While I like Apple products, their software has been less reliable for the past couple years compared to how it was 5-10 years ago.

Mac Issues I've Personally Experienced:
- Growing save dialog
- Screen sharing lag and flakiness
- iMessage syncing issues (infrequent)
- Miscellaneous Mail failures (seem to be fixed by 10.9.1)
- Dropped WiFi connections (10.10.1 didn't fix this, but the 10.10.2 dev preview did, though latency and jitter have gone up in 10.10.2)

I gave up on iWork with iWork '12 since it dropped too many features and was overly dumbed down. I still use Aperture and am content with it, though I'm disappointed that it is being discontinued.

iOS Issues I've Experienced:
- General lag on my 5th gen iPod touch
- Lock screen password prompt on my iPod freezes if I type in my password too quickly
- AirDrop from iOS to iOS and Mac to iOS usually work, but for iOS to Mac transfers my iDevices (iPad and iPod) fail to detect any of my macs 80% of the time. They randomly detect macs on AirDrop 20% of the time though.

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