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Many of us have been grumbling quite publicly since iOS 7 and Mavericks shipped that the fit and finish we expect either on release or shortly afterwards for Mac OS X and iOS has slipped. That we spent a lot of time dealing with bugs or, if we write about Apple, teaching people how to avoid them or work around them. That software and OS problems, once they occur, are rarely fixed in part or full; features we need are removed rather than matured; and new features are added that aren't fully baked.


Part of what makes these sorts of statements reasonable, though, is to enumerate the problems, whether they're long-running or unique to Yosemite or iOS 8 (or to the last two releases of each system). Here's a list of regularly recurring issues or fundamental problems I've seen supplemented by those provided by others.

Comprehensive list of persistent issues you hear a lot of people - users and die-hard Apple developers alike - rant about all the time (via Daring Fireball).

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One More Thing
by karunko on Sat 10th Jan 2015 10:22 UTC
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Lets not forget that a "Glitch in OS X search can expose private details of Apple Mail users":

In brief: the Spotlight preview feature loads images even when users have switched off the “load remote content in messages” option in the Mail app, a feature often disabled to prevent email senders from knowing if an email has arrived and if it has been opened.

The worst part? They asked Apple why the “load remote content in messages” Mail privacy setting does not apply to mail shown in Spotlight searches and asked if it is planning to fix this issue. Apple did not immediately respond.


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