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The latest version of North Korea's custom Linux distribution, Red Star OS - that one with the OS X style interface - has leaked onto the internet. While the guy who talked about technology in North Korea on the 31C3 conference said he didn't see anybody using Red Star seriously, it's an interesting distro to check out.

While we're making jokes about North Korea, it's easy to forget that regime puts millions of people in concentration camps to starve and murder them.

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Yeah democracy
by stereotype on Mon 12th Jan 2015 21:00 UTC
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What about the South? The current president is a self-adoring psychopath lady (that literally thinks she is a princess because of her presidential lineage) that was put in place in a clearly rigged election that involved their FBI equivalent. All forms of electronic communication are actively monitored by people actually sitting in front of PCs all day. The press is not allowed to report on the massive protests by the crowds that want change... Samsung and Daewoo just buy anyone or anything they need... Yeah democracy! I am a westerner, but almost got arrested in one of the many protests they've been having there for the past five years... luckily somehow they let me go when they saw my face...

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