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I remember my first Android device, and how it differed to the ones I have now in one major point: navigation keys. My old Motorola XT316 (a mid-range phone for Latin American markets) came with Froyo 2.2 and featured 4 TFT capacitive navigation keys: menu, home, back, and the long gone "search". Android phones have come a long way since that OS, and since the early days of archaic UI design and choppy performance. Now we have the most beautiful and smoothest Android, and arguably one of the best Operating Systems... But there's something that I really think has not improved all that much despite all the optimizations, and that is navigation.

While there's always room for improvement, I do think Android has much, much bigger problems than this, like, you know, updates?

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RE: Seriously?
by haakin on Wed 14th Jan 2015 12:47 UTC in reply to "Seriously?"
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Quote: "[...] I do think Android has much, much bigger problems than this, like, you know, updates?"

I don't think so. Android (the OS) has no problem of such kind. It's opensource, get the code and fix it.

I have an Android tablet that I cannot update. As far I know (not an expert), the reason is neither Android nor the company behind the tablet. It seems that the problem is that the company that makes the SoC has not released new drivers and they are proprietary. My tablet is in 4.2 and will never have updates for these reason.

Open source is not the answer here, I'm afraid.


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