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For a show overrun with various visions of smart drones and smarter homes for the future, the present of CES was remarkably uniform. I saw more iPhones in the hands of CES attendees than I did Android phones across the countless exhibitor booths. From the biggest keynote event to the smallest stall on the show floor, everything was being documented with Apple's latest smartphone, and it all looked so irritatingly easy. I don't want an iPhone, but dammit, I want the effortlessness of the iPhone's camera.

I really don't give a rat's bum about my phone's camera (does it take pictures? Yes? Okay I'm good), so I'm about as interested in this as watching grass grow, but it's a consistent iPhone strong point according to iOS and Android users alike. Since I like science: are there any proper tests concerning this?

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Android Camera
by Anonymous Coward on Thu 15th Jan 2015 13:33 UTC
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When it works, I'm happy with the Google Camera under CM on my Moto Droid Razr Maxx (not even the HD).

On the other hand, it regularly locks up and crashes.

I hope the Droid Turbo is down to a reasonable price by my upgrade date. I know the camera has some issues, but for a camera I use because it is conveniently always in my pocket, it should be good long as it doesn't crash and lock up.

When I plan to take pictures, I usually take my regular camera with me.

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