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An email sent to the Sailfish developer mailing list goes into some great detail on what to expect from Sailfish over the course of 2015. It looks like they're planning to touch every part of the system.

2015 will see Sailfish OS evolve towards a display resolution and form factor independent operating system capable of running on a range of devices. It will also bring a renewed Sailfish UI. We plan to demo this evolution at the Mobile World Congress in March.

We have now started to work full speed on the new UI framework changes and are currently in the prototyping phase. Our main driver is to introduce changes that

  1. enhance user experience on both the phone and tablet
  2. strengthen the OS core
  3. simplify implementation for a better managed code base

The remainder of the long email lists a whole lot of changes the Sailfish team at Jolla plans to implement - from the lower levels all the way up to the user interface.

In addition, chairman and co-founder Antti Saarnio posted on the Jolla blog with more hints about the future of Sailfish, and one thing in particular stood out to me:

The Sailfish OS is still young, and needs more stability, better connectivity, and simplification to the user experience. The small Sailfish OS native app ecosystem needs its own program, which guides and supports app developers. The amount of applications is not important, rather the most important applications for people need to be native, and of high quality. Friends, Tweetian, Sailgrande, just to mention a few, are excellent proof points of the potential of native Sailfish OS applications.

This is very good news. Improving the operating system is one thing, but the quality and availability of native applications is another. I'm glad Jolla recognises this and seems to be taking steps to do something about it.

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You can sideload playstore on it.
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