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Working one day in August of 2007, I couldn't help but realize that my regular PC keyboard didn't serve me as much as possible. I had to move my hands between the various blocks of my keyboard excessively, hundreds if not thousands of times per day, and my hands were uncomfortably close to each other. There must be a better way, I thought.

This realization was followed by an overwhelming feeling of excitement as I thought about creating the perfect hacker keyboard 0 and later, the realization that, as a software developer, I was hopelessly clueless about hardware.

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Comment by kompak
by kompak on Fri 30th Jan 2015 17:28 UTC
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I absolutely hate keyboards that place ctrl anywhere but as the outermost keys on the bottom row. Pretty much all applications I use rely heavily on ctrl with keyboard shortcuts. Sometimes I have to use a keyboard that has a function key or other such nonsense where ctrl should be and it absolutely destroys my productivity.

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