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The highlight of the new release is a far-reaching visual refresh, with menus, toolbars, status bars, and more being updated to look and work better. While LibreOffice retains the traditional menus-and-toolbars approach that Microsoft abandoned in Office 2007, the new version is meant to make those menus and toolbars easier to navigate.

What are the reasons to use either OpenOffice or LibeOffice?

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RE[2]: Ooh look...
by SeanParsons on Sat 31st Jan 2015 15:38 UTC in reply to "RE: Ooh look..."
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... and if it's that bad with cleartype that CAN do it properly, do I even want to know what a illegible train wreck of asshattery it is with the DISASTER known as FreeType?

Hmmmmm, when I tried it in LO 4.4 on my Linux box, the kerning issues were still there, but not nearly as bad. And that is only how it looks on screen in LO. When I export it to a PDF or actually print it out the issues aren't really there.

By the way, I find it odd that the kerning is so bad with certain fonts, like Arial, and nonexistent in fonts like Liberation Serif.

I do hope it improves in future releases as I tried the same process in MS Word 2010 and there were no kerning issues there, but I still hate the ribbon interface and like having a free office suite with a few features that I can recommend to my students.

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