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A few weeks ago, someone reported this to us at Medium:

"I just started an article in Polish. I can type in every letter, except Ś. When I press the key for Ś, the letter just doesn't appear. It only happens on Medium."

This was odd. We don't really special-case any language in any way, and even if we did... out of 32 Polish characters, why would this random one be the only one causing problems?

Turns out, it wasn't so random. This is a story of how four incidental ingredients spanning decades (if not centuries) came together to cause the most curious of bugs, and how we fixed it.


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Next part could be about tilde keystroke
by mormon on Tue 3rd Feb 2015 22:58 UTC
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It happens that Windows allows you to get Polish letters by typing tilde and than letter. So Ś can be written with ~S. It creates more problems, especially when you connect with SSH to some UNIX server. You have to type ~ twice to get one or switch to US keyboard.

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