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OS/2 and eComStation Serenity Systems offers a promotional price for eComStation 1.2 until the last of November. This will include a one year software subscription. The subscription implies also that you can participate in the betaprogram for version 2.0 and includes the version 2.0 GA release after betatesting is done.
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RE: But it cost people like me
by LewisR on Tue 15th Nov 2005 21:02 UTC in reply to "But it cost people like me"
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<sigh> Generalizations....

"Golly, gee, wow?" This is an operating system, for heaven's sake, not a car stereo.

You want free? There's a free demo CD you can get to see all that you've apparently missed between OS/2 1.0 (you didn't say whcih version) and eComStation 1.2: . The CD is bootable and does indeed boot into eCS (it's not a slideshow). It has some bundled apps, too. It will give you a good feel for the desktop and the responsiveness of the OS on your hardware (and yes, contrary to some of the comments I've seen here, eComStation does indeed install quite easily on NEW hardware).

Did you want free hardware to go with that, too? And, BTW, do you get free rent and free food, as well? Sorry to sound so caustic, but I get so tired of the "I might use it if it were for free" crowd. Do you think that everyone working hard to make this OS as tight as it is eats air, sleeps under the night sky, and walks to work naked? $59?? I spend more than $59 to fill the gas tank in my car, and I do that a couple times per week.

"Stripped down personal version without all the licensed code...". Well, as IBM writes the kernel (yes, that's right, while all the media seem to have latched onto the announcement from IBM that they will no longer be "selling" OS/2 (an exaggeration, by any stretch), the kernel is indeed 100% IBM-produced. And no, it's not a free project at IBM, it's a money-making proposition (how evil of them!!), so no, there is no "stripped down personal version without all the licensed code," no.

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