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Apple I recently bought one of the new dual core PowerMacs. Having used the machine for a couple of weeks, I thought I would share some of my observations and feelings about it. First, let me get my biases out in the open. I have, for about four years, very happily used Linux on my desktop. Doing so has made me very comfortable with the UNIX environment in general, and with GNOME specifically. During that time, I have used OS X machines on a regular basis, so I am quite comfortable in that environment as well. Since I switched to Linux, I have not used Windows for anything more than the occasional bit of software testing or lab work, and generally feel quite uncomfortable with it. Thus, this article is very much written from the perspective of someone who finds OS X and Linux pleasing on principle. I implore the reader to make his own value judgments based on my comments.
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RE: OS X Faster on Intel?
by voidlogic on Tue 15th Nov 2005 22:35 UTC in reply to "OS X Faster on Intel?"
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Now, I do realize OS X x86 is not production yet, but from the tests I have seen comparing it with XP:

OS Boot up/shutdown
Windows XP

Application Preformance
Windows XP

OS X really needs to deal with its threading issues:,39024180,39235916-3,00.htm

I would venture to OS Xs preformance issues are due to OS X rather than the G5. In which case jumping to slighty fasters P4s is only a bandaid.

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