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However, if you have an older Mac that is not supported by OS X or some of the slower G3 machines (like the WallStreet, which officially supports up to OS X 10.2.8 Jaguar), there is still a strong case to be made for running OS 9 - and there are also certain software applications that are only supported in OS 8/9 that may be mission critical for some users.

I bought an old iBook G3/500 (it'll arrive tomorrow) because I've always wanted an Mac OS 9 laptop (I've had several desktop OS 9 machines over the years). This article is a nice starting point for those (oh so very few) of us who want to run OS 9 in today's world.

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The last Mac I owned, I had probably 15 years ago, when I as helping my landlord clean out a vacant apartment, and and old Macintosh was left among the other crap they left behind.

It was an LCII. I happened to have an excess of EDO ram to stick in there, and also a couple SCSI disks that I hooked up to the SCSI2 ports.

It took literally 24 hours for the Debian installer to unpack the .DEB files for a minimal install.

But, I sure felt fancy ;)

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