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Apple ExtremeTech is featuring a How-To on building an OSx86 MacIntel machine that boots both OS X and Windows. On the same hardware, OS X booted almost three times faster than Windows, yet was a disappointment when playing certain games. Update: One more article about it.
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I'll ask...
by nbensa on Wed 16th Nov 2005 03:03 UTC
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Today at my office, someone showed me Mac OS x86.

The thing that puzzled me was: Microsoft Messenger. This guy installed the Mac version and it worked.

A "file Microsoft Messenger" showed it was a PPC binary (!!) How could this be? How can an AMD64 box run PPC code? Is there any type of emulation going on there?

Other binaries showed they were both PPC and x86. Something like the "hybrid" binaries on the Motorola 68K <-> PowerPC era.

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