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Hollywood 6.0 has been released. Since I'm not so sure most of you know what it is, here's the official description.

Hollywood is a multimedia-oriented programming language that can be used to create graphical applications very easily. It was designed with the paradigm to make software creation as easy as possible in mind. Thus, Hollywood is suited for beginners and advanced users alike. Hollywood comes with an extensive function library (encompassing almost 700 different commands) that simplifies the creation of 2D games, presentations, and applications, to a great extent. It has been in development since 2002 and hence is today a very mature and stable software package.

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RE[7]: Ugly
by AmixG5 on Mon 23rd Feb 2015 14:23 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Ugly"
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What sort of limitations? Do you think that Amiga was just Amiga 500 or what? I am using AmigaOS daily on my PowerMac G5 machine. I love it and I use it for writing this to you. There are limitations in any operating systems. All have their positive and negative sides, but to say its limited its very provocative.

The Amiga platform is now more alive than ever before. Yes, we have AmiStore, we have Aminet (which was years
ahead of AppStore) and we have lightning fast operating system. AmigaOS might be small (300MB in size) and require very little mem... but it doesnt mean that the platform got limitations. Its only on your mind that it is. AmigaOS got webkit browser with html5 support, with flash support , with SSL support+++ AmigaOS got great e-mail apps like YAM and SimpleMail. AmigaOS got its own twitter apps. AmigaOS got more audio players to choose from than OSX. AmigaOS boots in 5-7 seconds even on a 50MHz cpu. AmigaOS have way better memcard support than both OSX and Windows... supporting way more filesystems and can create Amiga HDs with an USB reader+++ the platform got nice DTP programs, graphical programs which is Amiga only.

You have to learn that AmigaOS is fully alive, its just that it got its own coders and its own programs which is as good as Adobe products just to mention.

Why so negative towards AmigaOS? I use it for daily work and I love it. Others also uses AmigaOS everyday. Please respect it.

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