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Now, more than a year into the SteamOS era (measuring from that beta launch), the nascent Linux gaming community is cautiously optimistic about the promise of a viable PC gaming market that doesn't rely on a Microsoft OS. Despite technical and business problems that continue to get in the way, Valve has already transformed gaming on Linux from "practically nothing" to "definitely something" and could be on the verge of making it much more than that.

Progress has been amazing, and once Valve gets its SteamOS and Steam Machines, things should pick up even more.

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As a Linux enthusiast myself, I'm very glad with the changes in Linux game availability that Valve has pushed for.

But SteamOS and the push for Linux support happened when Microsoft with Windows 8 (and particularly the boot locked RT tablets) and Apple with OS X were trying to push the closed App Store distribution model to the desktop.

Steam would have no space in an App Store-only Windows, and that was what pushed Valve to ensure they had a platform of their own.

It looks like the new Microsoft have backed out in their attempts at locking everything out, so it's pretty likely that the most involved lines of work with regards to creating their own platform have been de-prioritized at Valve.

I'll happily play my Linux Steam games, though, and hope more of them will come. Thank you, Valve! And thank you a little bit too, Microsoft, for providing the business reason!

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What about Xbox on Windows 10?

But yeah. I've always shared your view of the "why?" and not because "OMG LINUX? AWESOME!"

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