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Although long talked about, the Ubuntu Edge campaign exemplified the concept best with its "super phone" boast: your phone would hook up to a monitor, mouse and keyboard and become a fully functioning Ubuntu desktop PC. Phone apps would run on the desktop in an appropriate guise like responsive websites do on phones.

Today, ahead of Mobile World Congress next month, Ubuntu Desktop Manager Will Cooke has posted a three-minute video that shows how Canonical's engineering team is progressing.

My dream smartphone would be a phone that automatically turns into a PC the moment I get home. It knows I'm home, wirelessly and automatically hooks up to my display, mouse, and keyboard in my office, and done. Of course, it'd also automatically detect other displays and input devices in my house - say, a remote control and my TV.

Ubuntu is working on it.

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Do you anti-Mir people also want only one Linux distribution to exist? Which one?

That question makes no sense because Mir is made for Ubuntu and its derivative only as evident with its Clause Licensing Agreement while majority of Linux distributions moves toward Wayland protocol.

Mir is not even ready and got delayed for 2016, reason is display manager is one of the most difficult software to work. Meanwhile, Wayland protocol are already implemented to several desktop environments (including GNOME, KDE and Enlightement), GPU drivers through MESA (Direct contribution from both Intel and AMD) and Nouveau (Open source version of Nvidia supplanting the old nv) and Freedreno.

Those examples still prove Mir is a waste of time that comes haunting Canonical who are afraid to admit wrong and rejoin Wayland development.

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