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I'm a programmer. I write games. Games programmers get a lot of respect, but none of them, not me, not Carmak, and not Abrash. None of them deserve the honour which I want to bestow on David Horne. This is because David Horne wrote the greatest program ever written: 1k chess on the ZX81.

David Horne is not an urban myth. David Horne achieved what many would even now consider impossible. He wrote a chess game, with AI, that ran on a poorly documented, buggy machine that contained only 1k of memory.

Sometimes I feel like these kinds of programmers are a dying breed.

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...or specialty portable devices like the OpenPandora.

The amount of stuff I can do on the old 600MHz version of that thing is all down to them having some skilled, dedicated people in the community. For example:

1. Among other things, notaz has written a specialized SDL port which offloads as much as possible to the GPU's hardware scaler/overlay support.

2. Again, among other things, lunixbochs has reimplemented most of the fixed-function OpenGL API on top of OpenGL ES under the name glshim.

3. Various NEON assembly wizards have put their effort into optimized versions of emulators for platforms like the PlayStation and Nintendo 64.

4. Relying on #1 and #2, various people have convinced indie developers to let them do free OpenPandora ports of their closed-source games for users who already bought the game resources via the PC version. (eg. VVVVVV)

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