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Sometimes a few inches is all it takes to make a difference. Back when Jolla first started, a team of former Nokians taking MeeGo and spinning it into their own Sailfish OS, it became a smartphone curio. The simple UI and gesture-based navigation had promise, but compared to an iPhone, Android, or even Windows Phone device, it felt underwhelmingly simple. Now, the Finns are back with not only Sailfish 2.0, but a tablet for it to run on, and it turns out that makes for a great pairing.

I can't wait for my Jolla tablet to arrive and for Sailfish 2.0 to become available for my Jolla phone. Quite exciting times.

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Comment by kompak
by kompak on Sat 7th Mar 2015 05:22 UTC
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I'd love to buy a Jolla phone, but by the time I heard of the keyboard other half it's crowd funding had already closed and as far as I know it's the only sliding vertical keyboard you can get these days. Mean while I'm stuck with my no longer supported, randomly crashing E7.

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