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Apple ExtremeTech is featuring a How-To on building an OSx86 MacIntel machine that boots both OS X and Windows. On the same hardware, OS X booted almost three times faster than Windows, yet was a disappointment when playing certain games. Update: One more article about it.
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They should grow some balls!
by RawMustard on Wed 16th Nov 2005 10:11 UTC
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And go head to head with the other villains, their OS is good enough is it not? This trying to legagally stop people from running a legally purchased product on something other than what it was made for is absurdity at its best. Like trying to stop a Chevy freak from putting a toploader in their car, who really gives a hoot if they do; not in the auto industry, not in any industry other than IT, what a bunch of morons! And anyone that thinks people that do it are criminals, really need to get a life!

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