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How to improve user experience? How to invent new ideas? Why are some designs changing? How to ensure that new ideas actually improve the user experience (UX)?

There are many more design related questions for sure. In this blog we will start to provide you with design insights, explain what is important to us, what is our way of working, our project objectives, evaluations and conclusions as well.

In short: how we design Sailfish OS.

A fluff piece, of course, but still somewhat interesting in the run-up to Sailfish OS 2.0.

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Hello, Jolla, this is the U.S... I know, we have not been best of friends in the past. And you might not believe it, but most of us know that our phones suck. Can you help us out and start making the Jolla phone for U.S. consumption? Please? I promise I will get rid of my four year old crappy smart phone that I can't stand, and run out and buy one asap. Thanks.

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