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When Apple first showed off the Apple Watch, I was stunned. It looked glorious and larger than life. Shiny and precision-machined. Like an object from the future that time-traveled back to the present just to blow everyone away.

This past Friday, the first day that the public was allowed to handle and play with the Apple Watch, everyone who had been obsessing over videos and photographs finally got the chance to use one firsthand. I made it to the Apple Store on Friday and was one of those people.

I came away underwhelmed and a little disheartened.

It's almost as if carefully orchestrated press events attended by nothing but employees and hand-picked, pre-approved press outlets, as well as fake renders on a company website, are not a good way to gauge a new product.

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RE: Watches
by arcterex on Tue 14th Apr 2015 00:47 UTC in reply to "Watches"
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Actually a LOT of people are talking about it, especially in relation to the $10k version. The thing is I guess that the people who are buying it understand this.

You (or at least "you" the general tech people) will buy a new phone for $200-1000 and think nothing of replacing it in 2-3 years with the new hotness, and I think that most people are treating the apple watch like this, a cool tech gadget and not some priceless heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation any more than their GS2 or iPhone 4.

Lets ignore the $10-17k versions, those are obviously for people with tons of money who need an excuse to spend it, and if they do, I don't begrudge them anymore than the movie stars or music artists who will buy a half a million dollar car... they have the money, they want to spend it, so what?

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