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Aside from the investigation into Google's search business, the EU is also investigating Android.

The European Commission has been examining Google’s Android operating system for nearly three years, and it is now ready to launch a formal investigation into claims of unfair app bundling. Google services and apps like Maps, Chrome, and YouTube are often bundled with Android devices, and competitors have complained that it’s giving Google an unfair advantage. Regulators previously questioned telecom companies and phone manufacturers, to see whether Google forces them to bundle apps or services at the expense of competitors.

I'm glad they're investigating this, if only to finally get all these secret agreements between Google and OEMs (and carriers!) out in the open. In fact, with mobile communications having become such a crucial utility in our society, I think all agreements related to the interplay between carrier, OEM, and software maker should be out in the open, ready to face public scrutiny. As consumers of this vitally important utility, we have a right to know what kind of shady stuff is going on between the T-Mobiles, Vodafones, Googles, Apples, and Samsungs of this world.

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RE: Blobs are unfair
by robertojdohnert on Thu 16th Apr 2015 05:52 UTC in reply to "Blobs are unfair"
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Without those blobs very few hardware devices would even function. The drivers are NOT the issue at hand. The issue is whether Google maliciously locks customers into their services or whether they easily allow users to use whatever services they want. As for the "blobs". Do you want Android to be successful? Do you want it to be used? If so then the "blobs" are a necessary evil. For Linux in ANY form or fashion to be successful has to work with ALL vendors whether open or proprietary.

Roberto J. Dohnert

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