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It has been roughly a year and a half since the last release of the GNU Hurd operating system, so it may be of interest to some readers that GNU Hurd 0.6 has been released, along with GNU Mach 1.5 (the microkernel that Hurd runs on), and GNU MIG 1.5 (the Mach Interface Generator, which generates code to handle remote procedure calls). New features include procfs and random translators, cleanups and stylistic fixes, some of which came from static analysis, message dispatching improvements; integer hashing performance improvements, a split of the init server into a startup server and an init program based on System V init, and more.

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The work on sysv started when it was the only supported system, but more important, if I understand it correctly, most of the work is groundwork (and requirement) to support any proper init system. Check out the reports from the 2013 GSoC which implemented this, starting from an initial draft:

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