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KDE Oxygen is the new icon theme being created for KDE4. Everything started in March 2005 when a bunch of KDE contributors met in Berlin to form the Appeal Project with the goal to promote KDE related projects and to push the open source desktop to another level. Oxygen aims to bring a modern, cool and very usable and consistent icon theme, in SVG format.
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Agree with previous poster
by sbenitezb on Wed 16th Nov 2005 19:38 UTC
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I agree with Anonymous (Subject: Great Work!). We don't need the same iconset for totally different desktop projects. I don't like the way GNOME icons look outside GNOME. And I think Nuvola looks horrible in GNOME, but it's beautiful in my KDE desktop.
The need for a standard in naming conventions is ok, but that should be the only thing the tango project mandates.

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