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In what is surely to surprise no one, and in what will surely be waved away by the usual people, Apple seems to be rejecting applications from the iOS App Store that mention "Pebble".

We have just had the latest version of our SeaNav US iOS app rejected by Apple because we support the Pebble Smartwatch and say so in the app description and meta-data (we also state in the review notes that "This application was approved for use with the Pebble MFI Accessory in the Product Plan xxxxxx-yyyy (Pebble Smartwatch)". See copy of rejection reason below.

SeaNav US has previously been approved by Apple with no problem, we have had Pebble support in SeaNav for nearly 2 years and there are no changes to our support for the Pebble in this version. What are Apple doing? Have they gone Apple Watch crazy? What can we do?

This application has been in the App Store for two years with the same mentions of Pebble and Pebble support, but now that the Apple Watch is here, that's magically no longer allowed. Further down in the comments, another developer has had to remove Pebble screenshots from his application's description page. About a month ago, I already predicted this kind of bevahiour, mostly because I'm really good at pattern recognition.

I think this calls for an official EU investigation into Google's behaviour.

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RE[7]: Really?
by terrakotta on Thu 23rd Apr 2015 18:53 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Really?"
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It all depends on the definition of mobile platform, Two years ago, it apparently ment an operating system of what s commonly called a mobile, or a smartphone or a handset/tablet, considering a smartwatch to be one wasn t in their interest then. Now that they have a smartwatch platform themselves, it falls under the same definition all of a sudden. Now there seems to be something really fishy, legally speaking, about changing your own definitions after the contract has been in place for Two years.

How would you react if pebble called its os I.e. TIME OS would mentioning Pebble (since it references to a device rather than a platform) still be reasom enough to have it removed?

Using ones presence in one market to influence another markets sure is anti competitive, whether that is illegal depends on your dominance, but It remains anti competitive.

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