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A detailed, complete, and fair (and not overly long) comparison between the Apple Watch and the Moto 360. While it's unlikely you're deciding between the two - unless you have both a recent iPhone and an Android phone - it may still be useful if you're up for a new phone and want to take the Wear/Apple Watch accessory into account for your purchase.

Personally, I wouldn't buy either of these two devices at this very moment. It's too early days, and they're not exactly cheap, either - especially taking into account that a new Moto 360 is probably around the corner already, and you'll see a new Apple Watch within around 12 months, too.

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by Sidux on Wed 29th Apr 2015 09:17 UTC in reply to "Nice"
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You can get sleep tracking and health monitoring for sub 100$ with Pebble or Fitbit (and also a personal trainer plan with it), but sure it's not Apple.
You should get to see what other manufacturers offer in the same price as Apple before taking the plunge.

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