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Microsoft's Windows chief, Terry Myerson, isn't pulling any punches against Android this week. Speaking during a keynote appearance at Microsoft's Ignite conference in Chicago, Myerson knocked Google's Android update plans. "Google ships a big pile of... code, with no commitment to update your device," Myerson said, with an intentional pause that left the audience laughing. "Google takes no responsibility to update customer devices and refuses to take responsibility to update their devices, leaving end users and businesses increasingly exposed every day they use an Android device."

He's completely right, of course, but his words does have a souer taste when you look at Microsoft's Windows Phone and Windows RT update history and near future.

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Off Topic.
by crhylove on Tue 5th May 2015 16:07 UTC
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I'm no fan of Google OR Microsoft (or Apple for that matter), but this whole debate is off topic. I have devices by all these companies, and Android is 1,000x more usable on a touch interface. Address that Microsoft, and maybe you can talk about update schedules. Windows 8.1 is practically unusable compared to an Android tablet. Have you guys even LOOKED at how Android works as an interface? You are way, WAY behind.

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