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imgix is an image processing and delivery service that provides a supremely flexible, high performance, ultra-reliable solution to the problem of serving images on the modern internet. We operate our own hardware, run our own datacenters, and manage our own network infrastructure. At imgix's scale, maximizing efficiency and performance in image processing is critical for success. For this reason, we decided to incorporate Mac Pros in planning the build of our next generation image renderers. Because no existing Mac Pro server rack suited our needs, we designed and built our own.

Crazy custom build. Can't be cheap.

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Comment by Sidux
by Sidux on Thu 7th May 2015 09:15 UTC
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Aren't companies already using Mini's for virtual renting a Mac for development? This wil go nicely with this business practice and I'm sure there are people that will rent this thing for a nice monthly price.
Why invest 4000 bucks on a Mac Pro when you can rent one (especially if the project lasts only a couple of months).

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