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Today Google announced that it has officially expanded Android One to Turkey. The launch represents the program's debut in Europe, and brings the total count (so far) to seven countries. Android One, which Google unveiled last September, aims to spread affordable smartphones throughout the developing world. The devices run a close-to-stock version of Android, though up until now the hardware has been somewhat underwhelming.

Do we have an Indian readers with Android One devices? How has the experience been?

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RE: Pretty good device
by patrix on Wed 13th May 2015 05:42 UTC in reply to "Pretty good device"
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Regarding the 2012 N7, the performance problems are not at all generally related to Android updates, but rather to Asus cutting corners and using some low-quality flash storage which slows down to unbearable level after some time.

Everyone's 2012 N7 has the same issue eventually, and no matter the tricks (clearing cache, using a specialized flash-optimized filesystem, reinstalling ROMs, different ROMs, etc), it always slows right back down to unbearable.

My N7 has sat unused for months now, I don't even want to try selling it because I would feel bad about giving these troubles to someone else...

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