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LiteOS is the world's most lightweight IoT OS. It is small in size at 10KB and supports zero configuration, auto-discovery, and auto-networking. It can be widely applied to different areas including smart homes, wearable, connected vehicles and other industries. The LiteOS helps to simplify the development of smart hardware to enhance IoT connectivity. In addition, Huawei announced that LiteOS will be opened to all developers, which enables them to quickly develop their own IoT products.

Meanwhile, Google is rumoured to be unveiling an IoT OS as well during IO.

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by number9 on Sat 23rd May 2015 12:38 UTC
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I am sure there is some kind of qualifier (must not be embedded?) for "smallest" OS in this story. I thought I have seen smaller, having done research years ago on sensor networks and small OSs.

For example, micro-velOSity is 1.6KB. The now defunct femtoOS (although still available) was around 2KB. I think full blown QNX is 12KB, and although that is greater than 10KB, it is totally mature.

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