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Android In June of last year, I finally decided to commit to an Android device. I had carried every flagship iPhone up through that point from the original iPhone to the 5S. To the world around me, I heaped the praise into a life transforming device, but in my tech circles, and on my blog, I frequently posted about my frustration, mostly with shackles and intentional limitations imposed. So last year, why I decided to make the jump to Android. I outlined 10 reasons why I was finally ready to make the jump to Android’s 4.4 release, KitKat. A year has passed. It's time to revisit my original assertions and complaints with some follow up and see where I stand one year later.
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RE: iOS ftw
by calden on Sat 6th Jun 2015 20:15 UTC in reply to "iOS ftw"
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I finally moved the other way around (to iPhone) last year. Got fed up with devices never getting updated.

Couldn't be happier.

Oh man I could never use an iOS device. I briefly used an iPhone 5S before I sold it for a Nexus 5. iOS is just missing to many features that I need or want.

Like being able to choose my own default apps, I don't use a single Apple app, including iCloud as it's to expensive. I have 1TB of storage from both OneDrive and Google Drive and pay the same as a single TB from iCloud. Not to mention I get much faster download/upload speeds with OneDrive as their servers are actually located in my country. Unlike iCloud which is located in Ireland.

I could never use an OS that I couldn't run apps in the background. I use a terminal app to login into my servers at home and and at work, if I start a compile job I don't want to haven to stare at it's progress. In iOS, the terminal apps connections are lost every time I navigate away from it for a small period of time.

iOS has the worst share function and inner-app communication that I've ever seen. I installed the OneDrive client however I have yet to seen an app list it under it's share function except for other MS apps. So basically iOS app developers hard code in their share to lists unlike Android which lists everything that is installed and supported by the app in question. Same thing goes for MS Outlook, I don't use Apple Mail, but when I need to send a file, MS Outlook is no where to be seen so In have to open up MS Outlook and do it manually. Which also sucks as IOS saves it's files under the app that created it, so if you don't remember the app that created the file it's an absolute pain.

Basically Android is a 100 times better when it comes to file management. I use an app called FX File Explorer in which I can also mount all of my cloud storage services and even access FX inside an app.

My list actually goes on and on, I personally just don't understand why people like the iPhone so much. Sure if you just use your phone to watch media and play games I guess it's fine but even then I think an Android device is better. I can stream every movie that I've uploaded to Google Drive directly, unlike iOS which first downloads the file.

Yes, yes, I've heard it a thousand times, well I just don't need those things you listed, fine, but I do.

Also only having 1GB of memory nowadays is inexcusable. Yes you need more, try typing a post like this in Safari, than switch over to a different app before you post it, when you come back 9 times out of 10 the page would have been refreshed, loosing all of your work in the process. This is caused by a lack of memory.

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