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Android In June of last year, I finally decided to commit to an Android device. I had carried every flagship iPhone up through that point from the original iPhone to the 5S. To the world around me, I heaped the praise into a life transforming device, but in my tech circles, and on my blog, I frequently posted about my frustration, mostly with shackles and intentional limitations imposed. So last year, why I decided to make the jump to Android. I outlined 10 reasons why I was finally ready to make the jump to Android’s 4.4 release, KitKat. A year has passed. It's time to revisit my original assertions and complaints with some follow up and see where I stand one year later.
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RE: What's Android File Transfer?
by shotsman on Sun 7th Jun 2015 00:01 UTC in reply to "What's Android File Transfer?"
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Not all USB cables are the same.
Back when I was an Android user I had an HTC phone. Some USB cables would charge the device but not all would allow data transfer. I am sure that there is a logical (or patented) reason for this but the phone bricked itself before I could work out why. Now I use an old 6310i for personal use. It does what I want it do.

If the S6 is such a great phone why is Sprint virtually giving them away with their latest advert of 0$ down and not contract surcharge for the phone (As seen in Denver, Colorado on Saturday)

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