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I'm going to let you in on a little secret: Most normal, non-tech-obsessed people don't really need a smartwatch.

You can read the entire article if you want, but this opening line is all you need to know. Smartwatches are, right now, useless crap.

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To me...
by deathshadow on Sun 7th Jun 2015 15:29 UTC
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Watches have always been useless crap... They serve a very specific niche, and one that other devices have long since supplanted.

The form factor has always been awkward and uncomfortable, no matter the quality of the band, fit or finish it's always smacking into things (I broke more watchfaces before the age of 15 than I care to count), getting caught on things, chafing at the wrist, and being a general pain in the ass...

But now in the modern age suddenly everyone's got their Dick Tracy on?

You know what I think would be far more useful? Put a little threaded metal spot on phones so you can attach them to a LANYARD... or a tripod. Simple little quarter-inch screw-hole for standard tripod or lanyard hook, how hard would that be? How useful would that be to just put it on a chain around your neck? Particularly some of the smaller form factors? (I'm really starting to sour on some of these larger phones).

But Watch form factor? Too small, too inconvenient, poorly placed just asking for it to break...

Never been a fan of watches, can't we just let this crap go in favor of something better?

Though we'll always have the artsy fartsy form over function re-re's trying to make this more about style than substance. I've never really fallen for that lie, kinda wish more people weren't so shallow.

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