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Android In June of last year, I finally decided to commit to an Android device. I had carried every flagship iPhone up through that point from the original iPhone to the 5S. To the world around me, I heaped the praise into a life transforming device, but in my tech circles, and on my blog, I frequently posted about my frustration, mostly with shackles and intentional limitations imposed. So last year, why I decided to make the jump to Android. I outlined 10 reasons why I was finally ready to make the jump to Android’s 4.4 release, KitKat. A year has passed. It's time to revisit my original assertions and complaints with some follow up and see where I stand one year later.
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Not all USB cables are the same.

True. Some are just charging cables where the data pins are shorted to the charging pins allowed for faster charging but preventing any data transfers. These are usually marketed as "fast charging cables".

Others are "normal", in that they don't do any shenanigans with the pins. You see these advertised as "charge and sync" cables.

And then there's the issue of quality whereby some cables can't support the voltage/amperage of newer chargers and will refuse to work when plugged into some USB ports.

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